Why Zirve Airlines?

Our team holds a strong commitment to providing the best flight simulation experience for all our pilots, which is shown by our accurate schedules and equipment, modern technology and friendly staff. Join us today for an ultimate virtual airline experience!

Who We Are?

Zirve Airlines was founded in June 2013 to provide a sincere and professional virtual airline environment in wich all virtual aviators can get the support they need in order to enjoy their hobby at the highest level of realism possible.

This page shows the latest 50 flights of Zirve Airlines.

Flight From/To Aircraft Flight Time Landing Rate Status
ZRV1821(UTAA) Ashgabat Airport / (OMDB) Dubai International AirportB737-80002.19-292Validated
ZRV9499(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (UTAA) Ashgabat AirportB737-80003.21-117Validated
ZRV1734(UAAA) Almaty Airport / (ZWWW) Ürümqi Diwopu International AirportB737-60001.47-238Validated
ZRV1818(LYTV) Tivat Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportB737-80001.25-216Validated
ZRV1732(UACC) Astana International Airport / (UAAA) Almaty AirportB737-80001.37-477Validated
ZRV1737(ZWWW) Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport / (UACC) Astana International AirportB737-80002.29-240Validated
ZRV1816(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (ZWWW) Ürümqi Diwopu International AirportB737-80006.39-171Validated
ZRV9312(LTAI) Antalya International Airport / (EDDF) Frankfurt am Main International AirportA330-20004.03-135Validated
ZRV1814(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LYTV) Tivat AirportB737-80001.39-125Validated
ZRV9328(LTAI) Antalya International Airport / (LTCG) Trabzon International AirportB737-80001.47-597Validated
ZRV8874(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTFE) Milas Bodrum International AirportB737-80000.59-145Validated
ZRV9244(EGLL) London Heathrow Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportB737-80003.33-253Validated
ZRV9027(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (EGLL) London Heathrow AirportB737-80003.46-134Validated
ZRV3501(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (LTAC) Esenboga International AirportB737-80001.13-234Validated
ZRV9868(UUEE) Sheremetyevo International Airport / (LTAI) Antalya International AirportB737-60003.57-114Validated
ZRV9707(LTAC) Esenboga International Airport / (LTCG) Trabzon International AirportA320-23201.01-353Validated
ZRV1786(UUDD) Domodedovo International Airport / (UBBB) Heydar Aliyev International AirportB737-80003.13-224Validated
ZRV8917(LTFJ) Sabiha Gökçen International Airport / (LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International AirportB737-80000.59-101Validated
ZRV1783(UUEE) Sheremetyevo International Airport / (ULLI) Pulkovo AirportB737-80001.30-596Validated
ZRV9390(LTCJ) Batman Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA320-23202.10-211Validated
ZRV1643(LTAC) Esenboga International Airport / (LTCJ) Batman AirportB737-80001.19-405Validated
ZRV1781(UWWW) Kurumoch International Airport / (UUEE) Sheremetyevo International AirportB737-80001.38-140Validated
ZRV1780(UATT) Aktobe Airport / (UWWW) Kurumoch International AirportA330-20001.24-125Validated
ZRV1768(USSS) Koltsovo Airport / (UATT) Aktobe AirportB737-80001.32-280Validated
ZRV9180(ULLI) Pulkovo Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA320-23203.15-228Validated
ZRV8975(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (ULLI) Pulkovo AirportA320-23203.17-207Validated
ZRV8895(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTAC) Esenboga International AirportB737-80000.59-353Validated
ZRV1760(UAAA) Almaty Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA320-23205.42-152Validated
ZRV8858(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTFH) Samsun Çar?amba AirportB757-30001.18-168Validated
ZRV1004(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTAF) Adana International AirportA320-23201.31-434Validated
ZRV1063(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (LTAI) Antalya International AirportB737-80000.50-712Validated
ZRV1776(LCLK) Larnaca International Airport / (LTAI) Antalya International AirportA320-23201.05-317Validated
ZRV1775(LCLK) Larnaca International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA320-23201.47-188Validated
ZRV440Z(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (VABB) Chhatrapati Shivaji International AirportB777-30005.50-48Validated
ZRV9239(KSFO) San Francisco International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportB747-8i12.57-221Validated
ZRV9330(LTAI) Antalya International Airport / (LTAC) Esenboga International AirportB737-80000.59-398Validated
ZRV9733(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (YSSY) Sydney Kingsford Smith International AirportB777-20016.28-1011Validated
ZRV1766(KATL) Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport / (CYUL) Pierre Elliott Trudeau International AirportB747-8i02.32-122Validated
ZRV1767(UACC) Astana International Airport / (USSS) Koltsovo AirportB777-30001.57-1021Validated
ZRV1500(LHBP) Budapest Ferihegy International Airport / (EHAM) Amsterdam Airport SchipholB737-80002.00-164Validated
ZRV1763(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (KATL) Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International AirportB777-30011.37-70Validated
ZRV1762(UHWW) Vladivostok International Airport / (UEEE) Yakutsk AirportB737-80003.26-216Validated
ZRV5012(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (VTBS) Suvarnabhumi AirportB777-20008.44-293Validated
ZRV1761(ZWWW) Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport / (UHWW) Vladivostok International AirportA320-23205.30-131Validated
ZRV9713(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (UAAA) Almaty AirportA320-23205.08-378Validated
ZRV14142(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International AirportB737-80000.59-231Validated
ZRV1499(LGAV) Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport / (LHBP) Budapest Ferihegy International AirportB737-80002.12-103Validated
ZRV1497(LICJ) Palermo / Punta Raisi Airport / (LGAV) Eleftherios Venizelos International AirportB737-80002.05-258Validated
ZRV9544(LGAV) Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA320-23201.06-285Validated
ZRV8895(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTAC) Esenboga International AirportB737-900ER01.09-102Validated