Why Zirve Airlines?

Our team hold a strong commitment to providing the best flight simulation experience for all our pilots, which is shown by our accurate schedules and equipment, modern technology and friendly staff. Join us today for an ultimate virtual airline experience!

Who We Are?

Zirve Airlines was founded in June 2013 to provide a sincere and professional virtual airline environment in wich all virtual aviators can get the support they need in order to enjoy their hobby at the highest level of realism possible.

This page shows the latest 50 flights of Zirve Airlines.

Flight From/To Aircraft Flight Time Landing Rate Status
ZRV1151(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (LTFE) Milas Bodrum International AirportC17201.07-106Validating
ZRV8876(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International AirportB737-80001.01-230Rejected
ZRV9903(VHHH) Hong Kong International Airport / (VECC) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International AirportA330-20004.14-272Validated
ZRV1085(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA321-20001.14-122Validated
ZRV206Z(LTBH) Çanakkale Airport / (LTFD) Bal?kesir Körfez AirportB190000.19-285Validated
ZRV14142(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International AirportA321-20000.56-68Validated
ZRV9111(LTCB) Ordu-Giresun Havaliman? / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA321-20001.33-108Validated
ZRV9814(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (UKOO) Odessa International AirportB737-80001.54-183Validated
ZRV9872(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (LTCB) Ordu-Giresun Havaliman?A321-20001.42-132Validated
ZRV14142(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International AirportA321-20001.01-352Validated
ZRV9707(LTAC) Esenboga International Airport / (LTCG) Trabzon International AirportB737-80001.14-285Validated
ZRV1132(LTAF) Adana International Airport / (LTAC) Esenboga International AirportB737-80000.53-206Validated
ZRV14142(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International AirportB737-80000.57-340Validated
ZRV9901(LICD) Lampedusa Airport / (LTAF) Adana International AirportB737-80002.45-213Validated
ZRV9900(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LICD) Lampedusa AirportB737-80002.25-158Validated
ZRV1151(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (LTFE) Milas Bodrum International AirportC17200.53-251Validated
ZRV9087(LTAF) Adana International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportB777-30001.18-306Validated
ZRV9898(RKSI) Incheon International Airport / (VHHH) Hong Kong International AirportA330-20003.26-274Validated
ZRV1096(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (VNKT) Tribhuvan International AirportB777-30006.29-465Validated
ZRV9897(ZGGG) Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport / (RKSI) Incheon International AirportA330-20003.20-185Validated
ZRV9896(ZBAA) Beijing Capital International Airport / (ZGGG) Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportA330-20003.07-245Validated
ZRV9348(LTAI) Antalya International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportB737-80001.20-538Rejected
ZRV9895(UAAA) Almaty Airport / (ZBAA) Beijing Capital International AirportA330-20004.06-206Validated
ZRV9713(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (UAAA) Almaty AirportA330-20004.48-681Rejected
ZRV1126(EGLL) London Heathrow Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA330-20003.32-484Validated
ZRV9894(EDDP) Leipzig Halle Airport / (EGLL) London Heathrow AirportA330-20001.40-226Validated
ZRV9893(EDDK) Cologne Bonn Airport / (EDDM) Munich International AirportB737-80000.58-402Rejected
ZRV8956(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (EDDP) Leipzig Halle AirportA330-20002.41-151Validated
ZRV9183(LIRF) Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA330-20002.09-483Validated
ZRV9891(EDDF) Frankfurt am Main International Airport / (LIRF) Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) International AirportA330-20001.50-225Validated
ZRV8953(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (EDDF) Frankfurt am Main International AirportA330-20003.10-297Validated
ZRV9247(EIDW) Dublin Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA330-20004.03-358Validated
ZRV9890(EHAM) Amsterdam Airport Schiphol / (EIDW) Dublin AirportA330-20001.36-444Validated
ZRV5005(LTCG) Trabzon International Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportBoeing 757-201.35-186Validated
ZRV8945(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (EHAM) Amsterdam Airport SchipholA330-20003.24-191Validated
ZRV8903(LTFJ) Sabiha Gökçen International Airport / (LTCG) Trabzon International AirportB190002.51-237Validated
ZRV9227(LSZH) Zürich Airport / (LTBA) Atatürk International AirportA330-20002.37-145Validated
ZRV9889(DAAG) Houari Boumediene Airport / (LSZH) Zürich AirportA330-20002.20-311Validated
ZRV9888(ELLX) Luxembourg-Findel International Airport / (DAAG) Houari Boumediene AirportA330-20002.11-308Validated
ZRV9887(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (ELLX) Luxembourg-Findel International AirportA330-20003.06-317Validated
ZRV9885(OMDB) Dubai International Airport / (LTFJ) Sabiha Gökçen International AirportB777-30004.22-402Validated
ZRV1090(LTFB) Selçuk Efes Airport / (LTBO) U?ak AirportC17201.19-72Rejected
ZRV9884(LEIZ) La Perdiz - Torre De Juan Abad Airport / (LXGB) Gibraltar AirportPA-3101.06-249Validated
ZRV14142(LTBA) Atatürk International Airport / (LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International AirportBoeing 757-201.09-94Validated
ZRV9883(LEAL) Alicante International Airport / (LEIZ) La Perdiz - Torre De Juan Abad AirportPA-3101.00-234Validated
ZRV9882(LEMH) Menorca Airport / (LEAL) Alicante International AirportPA-3101.55-188Validated
ZRV3517(LTBJ) Adnan Menderes International Airport / (LTCI) Van Ferit Melen AirportBoeing 757-202.00-175Validated
ZRV9881(LIEE) Cagliari / Elmas Airport / (LEMH) Menorca AirportPA-3101.50-134Validated
ZRV9602(LTAC) Esenboga International Airport / (LTFJ) Sabiha Gökçen International AirportC17202.01-193Rejected
ZRV9880(LICG) Pantelleria Airport / (LIEE) Cagliari / Elmas AirportB190001.29-118Validated